How Is Atticus Finch A Good Role Model

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Throughout the novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee, Atticus Finch is seen as a typical Southern gentleman. His good attributes are mentioned in the story a number of times. He is described by groups of people as a great role model. Scout and Jem look up to him because of his style of parenting. As a lawyer, he has all the right traits. He is fair, just, kind-hearted, and doesn’t hold grudges. Atticus’s personality is shown through many situations, including the incident of Mrs.Dubose, Tom Robinson’s trial, and Bob Ewell’s death. Atticus’s character is really highlighted when interacting with Mrs.Dubose. Everytime Jem and Scout would pass by Mrs.Dubose’s front lawn. she would insult them for greeting her or being kind. Whenever Atticus would see Jem especially, angry, he would say “Easy does it, son, she’s an old lady and she’s ill. You just hold your head high and be a gentleman.” (Lee,100). Even though Ms.Dubose would call Atticus a nigger-lover to his children, he kept calm and composed. He never got angry. For example, when Mrs.Dubose insulted Atticus to Jem’s face, Jem got mad and …show more content…

When re-reading Tom’s trial in the courthouse, I realized that Atticus interacts with the black people as if they are white. He is one of the few individuals in Maycomb who aren’t racist. After the trial, Atticus tells Jem and Scout, “Some Negroes lie, some negroes are immoral… But this is a truth that applies to the human race and no particular race of men..” Here Atticus displays the true concept of racial prejudice, equality, and morality. During Tom’s trial, Atticus’s speech is respectful to everyone. It’s obvious that he doesn’t discriminate against black folk and pays more attention to how a person acts rather than their skin colour or how they look. We understand from the trial that Atticus values justice, fairness, and equality. As a lawyer, it’s important to him for everyone to get what they

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