How Is Oedipus Guilty

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The Play is still being read today because, many events that occurred in the story are still issues that occur today in the world. The United States for example the president can’t make decisions without it passing through congress first. There is a moral lesson behind the story which is very important especially in the catholic religion. Believing in God and listening to messages that his prophets send one should be taken into consideration. It is ok to take advice from others if necessary no matter how powerful you are it’s always good to see things from someone else with experience perspective.
Oedipus guilty of the act committed because, it was wrong for hi to commit such crime. There is no way some can be ignorant to killing especially ones own …show more content…

Oedipus was very ignorant throughout the entire story almost as if he had a one sided way of thinking not in a way a king should, however; that does not excuse his or his actions. The way light occurred throughout the story was when the blind prophet tried to bring light to the situation Oedipus was seeking answers to. Although the prophet was blind he actually saw more than Oedipus could, and was just trying enlighten him. Oedipus chose to be blind because, he refused to listen. Yes the prophet was blind and Oedipus even offended him by reminding him of it. Oedipus thought the Prophet was crazy and had no idea what he was talking when he told him exactly what he didn't want to hear about how to handle the situation at hand. Oedipus felt most confident and happy at the beginning when he was up on the on the altar in front of his palace talking to the priest and the children as they were pleading to him to help the city. It seems as though Oedipus is happy when people need him and nearly beg for his help. At that moment he seemed to be confidant that Creon would come back with the right answers he needed to hear, in order to help the city. The moment Oedipus felt desolate

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