How Is The Roman Empire Still Relevant Today

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Ancient Roman society at its peak was popular and essential, but even after its decline, they are still notorious figures in history who carry a long-lasting legacy in our world today through language, politics, architecture, and religion. To begin, Roman society is most known for their ancient Roman Empire, a prominent dynasty located in the Mediterranean lands, stretching from Mesopotamia to Britain. This empire reigned from the 1st century to 476 CE, ruling for nearly 475 years. The Romans were extremely influential as their culture and presence rapidly expanded to other regions, transforming the entire society altogether into the most powerful Western civilization. Its size was notably one of the reasons for its importance, although, an …show more content…

To specify, they had an established balanced government, dividing power between the Senate, and two consuls who served a one-year term. They had also incorporated a Roman constitution, and the Twelve Tables, also referred to as the Roman Law. While this governance lasted only briefly, it later influenced other new societies and regions, such as the United States, whose founders had drawn aspects of Roman government into their own. For instance, they implemented Roman ideas such as vetoes, the checks and balance system, and even the Senate. As Roman political influence expanded, its famous Roman Law became the foundation for civil law in regions like Europe and South America. While it may not be direct, several aspects of Roman Law were also incorporated into the common law system used today. Another remarkable feature of Roman society is its architecture and structures, their most significant attribute. In the Roman Empire, not only did the Romans construct the elaborate road systems that run throughout the entire empire leading to the capitol, but they built the famous Colosseum marble stadium as well, which still exists

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