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The Roman Empire lasted about 500 years from about 47 BC to AD 476. It started in Italy and eventually extended throughout Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa. Julius Caesar became dictator for life and was assassinated by the senate, however this began the transfer from a republic to an empire. The Roman Empire grew over time, getting bigger. Although it thrived, it fell around 476 C.E because of major issues. Poor military, mistrust in the government, and the overwhelming size lead to the fall of the Roman Empire.
Poor military decisions contributed to the downfall of the Roman Empire. In C 450 CE, the Roman military leaders made a poor decision by letting the military decide on taking away armor (Document 3). This caused more soldiers to be killed in battle because they didn’t have the proper protection. The military abandoned drills so they were less experienced in the field. The military declined in men, and their strength decreased significantly. Another issue was that the Roman government failed to draft soldiers, which made the military count go plummeting down (Document 4). Many higher class people, such as senators, bureaucrats, and clergymen ovided the draft, and the military was weakened. With the military defenseless and small in size, it was easy for enemies to attack …show more content…

Kingdoms would begin to flourish in what was once known as the Western Roman Empire. Rome would eventually become one of the western capitals of Christianity, especially after Emperor Constantine allowed people to practice Christianity as their religion. The Roman Empire may not have fell if it wasn’t for the poor military, mistrust in the government, and it’s overwhelming size. If they had had stronger protection, trust in the government, and a smaller region to control, things may have ended differently for the Roman

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