Roman Empire Research Paper

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Research Question: How did the economic methods that were continuous throughout the future used by classical societies from 600 B.C.E.- 600 C.E. develop commerce in the societies and help them create prosperous empires? The Rise of Towns and Manufacturing in Indian society: 600 B.C.E. After 600 B.C.E., Indian towns started rising in the Indian countryside, particularly towards the north, The towns helped fulfill and expand the agriculture based society in place with manufactured products such as pots, textiles, iron tools, metal utensils, and luxurious jewelry. The high demand for manufactured products helped the expansion of the economy, which led to large-scale organized businesses by entrepreneurs. Towns had marketplaces and …show more content…

The roads allowed communication, trade, and transportation. The System had over 400,000 km of road and 372 road links.7The roads were crucial for transportation and trade combined, as people used them to carry materials cattle and caravan. Along the roads were inns, post offices, and way stations to help travelers along the way with any service they might need. The reason that the Roman roads were successful in enhancing trade is the integration of the empire that they created. The roads connected the whole Roman empire and made it one prosperous economy. The Roman roads also connected the Roman empire with other commercial centers of other societies. For example, a road linked the port of Berenice to Alexandria, and others connected towns and ports to Palmyra, which are important cities in an economic aspect.8 The Roman roads show a continuation from the Persian roads that were built earlier and another continuation in the future, being used for millenniums. The roads were significant in the stability of the empire, the integration, and economic prosperity by integrating several isolated regions into one grand empire and expanding that empire into the other prosperous

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