How Is Tim Burton Used In Edward Scissorhands

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Tim Burton Creepy, unique, and gothic are some of he’s characteristics in he’s movies and clips like Edward Scissorhands and Beatlejuice, and Corpse Bride, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and also in the clip of “Vincent”. He’s very dark but creative of he’s use of lighting, costumes, and music in he’s clips, movies, and TV shows. Tim Burton twisted style is best conveyed through his use of showing danger, creating mood, and developing character.
Tim Burton’s use of lowkey lighting makes the movie darker and shows something creepy or bad. For example in Edward ScissorHands when Peg, the saleswomen, went upstairs to see Edward the lighting was low key, showing Edward was creepy. In the movie Beatlejuice the lighting was dark in the portal of lost souls, showing depression. Then in Corpse Bride when Victoria rose from the ground, the lighting was dark, lowkey lighting. Because she was creepy an also dead. Also in “Vincent” when the young boy thought of creepy and dark stuff like boiling he’s aunt and living with bats the lighting went very dark. Then In Charlie and the Chocolate Factor the room before the candy island was dark, gloomy, and kind of sad. So as you can see, all and all Tim Burton use of lowkey lighting accurse in almost …show more content…

For example In Edward Scissorhands, Burton give anyone in the neighbor bright and colorful and then he gives Edward a dark outfit to show he’s not like the rest of them. Showing he’s unique. Then in BeatleJuice Burton gives the daughter a full black outfit, showing she is different and dark. Also in Corpse Bride the dead girl had a different outfit then the rest of the town. She was in all white and the town was all black, showing that she was happy. Also in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory the oompa loompas have different outfits showing that there not from around here. Then in “Vincent” the young boy was in all black showing he’s mysterious and

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