How Love Affects Sexuality Between Men And Women

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Love affects sexuality including gender because men and women view sex differently. Men can easily separate sex from affection, whereas women attach greater importance to the relationship. Also, when it comes to sexual expression men and women have been socialized differently about sex. Women have been encouraged and expected to restrict sexual desire, whereas men have been raised with more freedom regarding sex. Love also affects sexuality differently regarding same sex couples. For lesbians, gay men, and bisexuals, love has special importance in the formation and acceptance of their identities. For these couples love marks the beginning of sexual wholeness and acceptance. These concepts are related because one's social class typically represents which kind of love and marriage they will seek. For example, someone from an upper-class family has a substantial amount of wealth, therefore their parents will ensure they marry "the right person" because their wealth and social position may be at risk. Also, upper-class families have control such as withholding inheritance from the child if they choose to not obey their parent's decision. On the other hand, someone from a middle- class family …show more content…

Individuals are learning everything about each other and it's new and exciting however, as the relationship continues, the intimacy decreases. This can be because they are beginning to drift apart or it can be because they are becoming intimate at different levels. Passion changes over time because something that was once new and exciting is now familiar and happening less, therefore it no longer increases our arousal or satisfaction. Commitment changes over time due to how successful one's relationship is. As long as individuals view the relationship as successful the commitment level will remain high, however if the relationship begins to weaken, then commitment will decrease over

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