How People Judge People In The Outsiders

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The Outsiders make the readers think about if it is right to judge people because of social class, their family and how they look. The further you get into the book the more you think of the hardships of people judging you. There are multiple ways people judge you that are shown in the book such as family/friends and social class/ income. This reminds the reader about the civil rights movement, which is around the same time as when the book takes place. At the end of the book you get the message that being prejudiced is not the right thing. The Outsiders connects to judging others is how family changes how others think of you. When Ponyboy was thinking about how Darry would be a Soc if it was not for us, shows how people judge each …show more content…

In the 1960s greasers and socs were rivals and blacks and whites were too. The only reason this was true was because of wealth and social income in the outsiders case and race in the civil rights. It had nothing to do with liking the other person or not; it was all about how your "group" felt about the other "groups". In the civil rights movement many whites were on the blacks side. Although, this is true because they were white they "hated" blacks. As said before in The Outsiders, even friends could be fighting each other. All of these types of people deal with prejudiced people in their life more than others. All of them have to deal with different things, including name calling and being jumped. The problem is they all do the some of the same things to their rivals. In all, this book connects to a lot of interesting ideas and historical events. In conclusion, the theme in the book the outsiders are being prejudice is a human instinct, although, we cannot let it take control of us. It reminds the reader of the ways people are judged and a few groups of people that are judged. Is it wrong to judge people in all

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