How To Convey The American Mindset Of The 1980s

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In this song, there are many vocabularies, phrases, literary devices and unusual wordings that James Brown uses to convey the American Mindset of the 1980s. To begin with, line 1-5 has some unusual wordings and vocabularies that are used to show off America's achievements and newly developed infrastructure and technologies. This is used to show a strong sense of patriotism for America. Line 1-2 stated " Super highways, coast to coast, easy to get anywhere" (Brown). This is used to show that America is the land of the free and that Americans can go anywhere in the country with fast cars and big highways. Brown shows a strong sense of patriotism for his country which also reflects the American Mindset as being optimistic and positive during the 80s as many Americans are proud …show more content…

Living in America- hand to hand, across the nation. Living in America- got to have a celebration" (Brown). During 1980's, the Cold War was still happening between Russia and the United States. Therefore, despite the diversity in America, people still stand together as an united nation in which many people felt like this was something to celebrate. To celebrate the fact that America is united and closer than ever despite the Cold War. Brown uses the phrase "hand to hand, across the nation" express the optimistic and positive mindset of the Americans (Americans having celebration) despite the fact that the Cold War was still going on. Line 13-18 continues to show a strong optimistic mindset of positivity in America. Line 13-15 stated "Smokestack, fatback, many miles of railroads track. All night radio, keep on runnin'" (Brown). Brown uses vocabularies such as "smokestack" and "fatback" to show how proud he is for America's biggest and most well known manufacturing industries and foods. He also uses personification by giving the radio the ability to

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