Compare And Contrast Growing Up In The 80s

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Countless people evaluate their life and wish they had the chance to grow up in a different era or decade. An era like The Great Gatsby, everything so grand and luxurious, or a decade like the 50s, when teenagers hung out at the local diner and drove in vintage (vocab word) cars. Nevertheless, nobody gets to choose when they are born. Growing up in any decade, all children experience similar occurrences such as puberty, relationships, and finding themselves; however, growing up in the 80s is vastly different than growing up in today’s world but they both face distinct challenges. When most people think of the 80s, they think of vibrant fashion, upbeat music, and the popular video game Pacman. However, when people differentiate between now, 2018, and 1980s, they think of …show more content…

Sure, the 80s had CD players, video cassette recorders, and introduced a mobile phone, but the technology of that era simply does not compare to today 's. Only a few days ago did SpaceX and Elon Musk launch the Falcon 9 rocket into space for reliable and safe transport of satellites, as well as organizing a project to develop a colony on Mars. There are vast amounts of advanced technology adolescents are so privileged to have today, such as smartphones, electric cars, drones, and 3d printing. It’s simply the norm (vocab word) to acquire such gadgets. The type of technology we have today furthers medical research and achievements, transportation, and global communication. For instance, cancer nanotherapy uses advanced nanotechnology for precise treatments that are less costly, less invasive, and less complicated. Furthermore, transportation has been booming. There are electrical cars that reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, thus lessening the depletion of the ozone, as well as metros that are essential in big cities. Unlike in the 80s when one had talk on the phone with

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