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As we become dirty when we go about our day, so do our clothes. We shower to get ourselves clean, and wash our clothes so that we aren't quickly dirty again the next time we get dressed. Here are the top 7 tips to make the most out of your laundry time.

1. Prepare the clothes to be washed.

One of the smallest, almost trivial things that makes doing the laundry longer than it should be is lack of preparation. Some of us lack preparation in almost everything we do-from doing homework to making dinner to doing the laundry. A small amount of preparation time can pay off in the long run.

Separate the clothes to be hand washed from those to be machine washed. Then, if necessary, separate colored clothes from the white ones. This shouldn't take
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How many times have you ended up with torn clothes and underwear because you dumped the items into the washing machine, even when the tag clearly said hand wash? How many times, even though the tag said dry clean? Your answer is going to add up until you follow instructions next time. Don't try to finish quickly by hurrying with the laundry. Washing clothes takes time and you better be up to the task-that is, if you don't want your favorite shirt to grow a fifth hole.

Don't cut corners. Take your time. Do the laundry at its own pace and not yours. Hand wash what needs hand washing, dry clean what needs dry cleaning and set the washing machine's spin speed according to the instructions on the tag.

7. Clean the washing machine.

Is there any other way to get clean clothes than to wash them using a clean washing machine? Yes, and it's called hand washing. If you don't want to hand wash your dirty laundry, clean your washing machine. Doing the laundry in a washing machine that hasn't been cleaned only adds insult to injury. Make sure your washing machine is clean before putting your laundry into it.

White wine vinegar can be used to clean your washing machine. Add a cup of white wine vinegar to the detergent dispenser and set the washing machine to 95 degrees Celsius on spin cycle. The process should clean the machine compartment like it's just been delivered straight from the appliance

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