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Human resources management (HRM) in the hotel industry, especially in big hotel chains, has been developed in the last few times, by latest HRM assets. The importance of HRM in the
Hotel industry is constantly increasing day by day. Hotels have an important role to engage,
Attract and maintain top talents, by rearranging working environment .All HR mangers should be familiar with rapid changing business environment and practices. HRM work in hotel industry is very patient, because customers are right all the time, then all these things is managed by human resource manager. HR managers also have to be aware with rapidly changing business environment and tendencies.

Hotels play an important and crucial role to engage and attract and entertain
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In 4 Star Hotel concept of HR is sometimes followed and sometimes not followed. There is all such type of facilities such as, spa, swimming pool, A-one facilities in rooms.
Some names of 4 Star Hotels are- Hilton Garden in New Delhi Saket, Udman Hotel and Resort in Delhi and many more.

• 3 Star Hotel - These are supposed to be economy class hotels situated in the bigger cities and the smaller cities. In 3 Star hotels presence of HR is sometimes important sometimes not.
Some names of 3 Star Hotels are- Hotel Sunstar, Ginger Hotel in Nasik and many more.

• 2 Star Hotel- These hotels are mostly located in the small areas like small towns. In 2 Star Hotel presence of HR is absent.
Some names of 2 Star Hotels are- Hotel kwality, Hotel Kemps korner.

• 1 Star Hotel- The hotel with most basic facilities, small number of rooms. In one Star hotel, presence of HR is fully absent. In one hotel there is customer wanting for cheapest cost available accommodation option. In such type of hotel there is very basic facility. Cleanliness does not matter.
Some names of 1 Star Hotels are- Manish motel, Alka Motel

On the basis of
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A hotel is a place that provides paid amount on a short-period basis. Facilities given may set a range from a latest-quality spring mattresses in a small area of room , high-quality of beds, a dressing table , a refrigerator (freeze) and other kitchen appliances , rounding chairs, a LED screen television and bathroom with bath tub . Small, lower- cost hotels may provide only the most necessary needs of guest services and facilities. Larger, higher-cost hotels may offers extra guest facilities such as a business centre (with computers, laptops, printers and other office equipment), swimming pool childcare products such as chair , conference and small event facilities, tennis court or basketball court, restaurants, day spa, gym, and social function services.

Traditional role of HR are recruiting, hiring, training, wages and benefit management. Human Resource Management (HRM), a crucial and integral part of our organization, ensures the success of the relationship between staff members and an organization by satisfying and identifying the wants and needs of the employees. The Human Resource works in hotels in the areas of mountainous state like Uttarakhand, India located in the Himalayas. This mountainous areas geographic location and area of India offers variety of human resource (HR)
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