Huck Finn Worst Prank

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Huckleberry Finn may not be very smart but he can read and write. I have always loved playing tricks on Huck because he acts as a lackey to me. He looks up to me and sees me as being august. My greatest prank I have ever pulled off was the time when the gang had just broken up. Huck and I were talking about a month after the gang had broken up. I was thinking about playing a subterfuge on him. I said that there was a group of Arabs and Spaniards who had set up camp in town and had hundreds of different animals and also had diamonds. My plan was to unobtrusively sneak up and to the animals, who were holding the diamonds, and surreptitious the diamonds. I was ready to pull off this amazing prank on Huck. I had no idea where we were going or what would happen.…show more content…
I told him that we were going to be furtive as we up and rob a bunch of arabs. When Huck came out from where we hid close by, he was very surprised. As I had suspected there were no Arabs, Spaniard, or animals, but there was something going on as Huck jumped out and tried to sequester the territory. He had interrupted some type of class that was in session. Later we learned that it was a Sunday school, that we had interrupted. I have always thought of Huck as being slavish. To Huck all my stories appear to be ostensible. There has never been a day yet where Huckleberry Finn has caught me fibbing. In a way I have sequestered Huck Finn and can get him to anything I want. This was by far one of the greatest pranks I've done on Huck. I have told him some crazy things and I think that he believes everything I have told him. It is only a matter of time till he starts to learn if what I tell him is a prank or not. Until then I am going to to keep telling him crazy and unbelievable
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