Huey P. Long And Father Coughlin During The Great Depression

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During the Great Depression, a time period where the stock market crashed, arose Huey P. Long and Father Coughlin into national prominence. Huey P. Long, a Louisiana native, was a Louisiana Governor from years 1928 to 1932 and United States Senator from 1932 until he was assassinated in 1935. Huey P. Long was known for doing the unthinkable and having outrageous behavior. He was even noted for wearing green pajamas to business and political meetings. Father Coughlin, a native of Canada, was a priest. The priesthood of Father Coughlin was influenced by the last eighteenth century Catholic teachings that focused on conservative clerical activism. Both men were well-known voices during this time because they were very opinionated when it came to the topic of the unbalanced …show more content…

Although both men fought for the same cause, they went about their fights differently and shared different views. These differences are the reasons why we will remember them for many years to come. Huey P. Long, who was once an ally of Franklin Roosevelt, found himself going against Roosevelt in the end. The Fall of 1933 was the cause of the breach of the alliance simply because Long felt that Roosevelt did not solve the nation’s economic issues and did not change the distribution of the nation’s wealth among all American’s within the first “Hundred Days” of the New Deal legislation. Long then proposed the Share Our Wealth societies. These societies stood for every family owning a homestead of equal in value but no less than one-third the average family wealth, no family owning three hundred times the average family wealth and every family having an income equal

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