Huey Long Dbq

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Huey Long challenged Louisiana politics. In 1936 Huey P. Long planned on developing his own programs and policies. He used unconventional ways to achieve his goals and always got a slap on the wrist every time. Some believe he was nothing but a corrupt and sinister person. Others believe he did what he had to do to improve the state of Louisiana. According to Sanson, Long was a fascinating person. He was a corrupt, yet beneficial governor. He was responsible for fixed elections, robbing local government of its authority, kidnapping political opponents, and using power for his personal goals. Although he used his power for shameful actions, he used it to improve Louisiana. Long used his political power to provide textbooks to children, improved…show more content…
Long didn’t care what others thought. He did whatever he had to do to achieve his goals, whether they be for good or bad. He used unconventional methods to fulfil his goals. When it came to his bold quality, Long would greet visitors in his pajamas or vest. He would wander around restaurants eating other people’s food, drinking, and would try to urinate between people’s legs standing in front of him in the restroom. Long had no filter in nearly every setting. He wanted the people to see him as one of them which he was not. He was a different person with good and bad intentions like his brother, Earl Long. Earl enjoyed buying things he had no use for such as chickens, goats, ropes, seed, and hams to give away to the people. Huey Long used childish tactics to win over the voters by saying things like his opponents hair wasn’t real or saying one pumped perfume under his arms. Although the Longs had childish ways, they delivered on the things they promised. Huey Long was responsible for improved roads, schools, hospitals, and more. Even though Long did good, his focus remained on gaining power. Badger noted that Huey’s brother, Earl, received kickbacks from multiple companies after WWII so the companies could have untrammeled slot machines. This shows how Earl and his brother were alike. They focused on what was best for
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