Human Nature In Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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Humans are complex creatures. Understanding human nature is difficult, but the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding helps to show what true human nature looks like. Humans are inherently evil, but that evil is hidden by societal dictates. Throughout the novel, the human societal mask is stripped away and true human nature can be seen. Society enforces rules and trends that people feel they must follow. These rules hide what human nature is really like, the true face of humanity. The true, violent nature of humans can be seen when the sweet British boys turn into evil, animal-like savages. Golding allows the reader to watch as the societal mask is stripped away from the group of boys and the true face of humanity is shown. Society teaches people to be kind and civil. From the age of two, children are placed in a social setting and taught how to speak, write, and behave. Children have to be taught not to hit, scream, or be mean to others. At first, the boys keep their mask of civilization, like Roger, who foreshadows his descent into violence when he throws rocks at the ‘littluns’ for fun. “Roger gathered a handful of stones and began to throw them. Yet there was a space round Henry, perhaps six yards in …show more content…

The majority of people are inherently evil. Like Roger, or jack. However, sometimes, people like Ralph, Piggy, and Simon come along. These people have more good than evil. They chose civility and order over savagery and violence. They used intellect and knowledge to rule rather than fear and masks. No two people are exactly the same, some have more good than others, while some have more evil than others. However, finding people who are inherently good is rare compared to finding those who are inherently evil. Evil dominates the world. However in today’s society, that is hard to see since society forces people to wear a mask. In Lord of the Flies the island allowed the reader to see the ascendancy of evil over

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