Hydrochloric Acid And Sodium Thiosulphate Lab Report

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Introduction The goal of the experiment is to examine how the rate of reaction between Hydrochloric acid and Sodium thiosulphate is affected by altering the concentrations. The concentration of Sodium thiosulfate will be altered by adding deionised water and decreasing the amount of Sodium thiosulphate. Once the Sodium thiosulphate has been tested several times. The effect of concentration on the rate of reaction can be examined in this experiment. The chemical equation for this experiment is hydrochloric acid + sodium thiosulphate + deionised water (ranging from 25ml to 0ml in 5ml intervals)  sodium chloride + deionised water (ranging from 25ml to 0ml in 5ml intervals) + sulphur dioxide + sulphur. As a scientific equation, this would be written out as, NA2S2O3 + 2HCL + H2O (ranging from 25ml to 0ml in …show more content…

One person may classify the cross as no longer visible if they have a poorer eyesight or slower reaction time than another person. Therefore, the dependant variable might be affected. Make sure that the person who is recording when the X is no longer visible is always the person with the best eyesight and fastest reaction time. Temperature, when substances are left in room temperature. They change from the temperature of the container (which is not always room temperature) to room temperature. This means there might be slight variation in the temperature of the substances used for the experiment. Temperature affects the rate of collision by adding or lessening the amount of kinaesthetic energy for particle collision. Thereby affecting the rate of reaction. Wait for substance to adjust to room temperature before use. Container, the container affects the surface area and the number of particles that are exposed to each other The thinner the container the slower the reaction as there are less particles which the substances can collide with. Use the same sized container for every experiment

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