I Am Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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I am Odysseus, son of Laertes, commander of men.

Calypso 's island has been my prison for three years,

with one who loves me more than I love her.

I fought for freedom, and now it 's my turn to pay for the lives lost.

Unlike Helen, I am away from those I truly love.

Hardships and sufferings were by the hand of Poseidon,

cursed for pure entertainment by the Gods of high Olympus.

The day awakens; I am surrounded by vivid greens and bright colors,

Waves crash against the rocks,

as Zeus would throw a thunderbolt.

They were waiting for me to pay for my past triumphs.

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Ram horns adore his head, poison dripping off the sharp point,

and wings sprouting from his body, with translucent blue glossy scales.

Placed ornately, enveloping the skin like Greek armor.

His double tail is a two- headed velvet purple snake, with a rattle snake 's tail.

I feel like I was born to fight this creature.

"Gods on high Olympus, I know Poseidon has sent this creature to destroy me.

I pray that I might return home and receive help

though I will not need it, for I am Odysseus the great."

He bounds towards me, and I get in a ready stance.

He comes fast as lighting and ready to strike.

He distracted me with his snake tail, and in consequence,

I was snatched up.

Launched into Zeus 's atmosphere,

but not before I could take a stab at the horse 's flank.

The animal screeched in anguish as my sword sliced its flesh,

the name Scalopus came into my head.

I soon touched the hard earth,

I was rammed by the horns upon his

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