I Am The Messenger Analysis

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In the book I am the messenger, a young man Ed Kennedy is given a series of tasks. Ed is dealing with someone who he has never met or seen. The task being presented to Ed throughout the novel, which include uncertain outcome, unsatisfying jobs and personal issue. Ed has helped Marvin with his unfinished past, Sophie with her race, and himself, who has benefited most throughout the book. The author of the book is sending a message, the message being Ed, he learns how he can help people with their self esteem. Marvin has a two year old daughter, Melinda, with Suzanne whom he has never met. Henry Noyd (Suzanne’s father), forced her, and Melinda to move right after her birth. “That bastard put shame on my family,” said Henry (page 324). Having his daughter pregnant before marriage, Henry was embarrassed to all his family, friends and neighbours. His solution was to move, this in which he did without Suzanne’s opinion. After Ed watching Henry yelling at Marvin, he decides to make a bold move. Ed gets out of the car, in hope he can help Marvin. “That looks like a beautiful child in there… well isn’t it, sir,” Ed says to Henry while slowly approaching. “Damn right it is,” Henry replied. The next day Suzanne comes to see Marvin with Melinda, nevertheless Marvin finally gets to meet his daughter. “I never thought Marvin would come here,” said Suzanne to Ed. After Marvin …show more content…

Ed’s first visit with Sophie began with Ed looking at a long figure which was running barefoot (page 61). Prior to getting to know Sophie, Ed becomes aware of the fact she needs to run barefoot in order for her to do her best. When Ed went to one of Sophie’s races he noticed she was wearing worn out shoes, this slowed her down drastically. Not long after Ed showed up at her house and gave her an empty shoe box he called this ‘barefoot shoes’. During Sophie's next race she did significantly better when wearing the ‘barefoot

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