Ideas During The Enlightenment

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The Enlightenment was a time period during the 16th century through the 18th century. During this time period Enlightenment philosophers came up with new ideas about peoples’ natural rights and the way they should be governed. The Enlightenment took place in France and produced many new books, essays and inventions. It was also referred to as the Age Of Reason. The American Revolution took place during the Enlightenment around the 18th century. The American Revolution was the time period where the colonists separated from Great Britain form the 13 colonies, which later turned into the United States of America. The declaration of independence started the American revolution. Four Enlightenment philosophers ideas influenced the way America …show more content…

Like Locke and Montesquieu, Voltaire did not believe in an Absolute Monarch. He favored a constitutional monarchy. Voltaire believed so strongly in freedom of speech, thought, and expression that he would give his life for his opponent to write. He greatly influenced Americas government. Today our first amendment in the constitution prohibits the legislative branch from making laws against in freedom of speech, thought, and expression. Thomas Hobbes was born in 1558 in England. Hobbes believed humans were greedy, selfish, and cruel. In his opinion the government’s role was to protect people from their own selfishness. His ideas differ greatly from the other Enlightenment thinkers. Hobbes believed that people were driven by power . His ideas influenced the constitution with the separation of powers. The Enlightenment philosophers influenced America’s government. John Locke’s ideas were echoed in the Declaration of Independence. Montesquieu Separation of powers was enforced in the U.S. constitution. Voltaire strongly believed in freedom of speech, thought and expression which is our 1st amendment. Lastly Hobbes backed Montesquieu with the separation of powers. The government of the United States would be very different without these four incredible

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