Identity Essay: Cultural Identity, Goals, And Values

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Cultural Identity
Everyone has the way they grew up. Some filled with sports and others with art. However everyone 's culture identity is just a bit different.Cultural identity is based on the people and things you surrounded yourself as you grew up. Everyone has things that are important to them that maybe aren 't so important to someone else. My cultural identity is formed by the things most important to me such as my family, goals, and values. My family is one factor that defines my cultural identity. As a young child I always grew up spending time with my parents and younger sister without any worries. That changed however towards the middle of last year. Everything was perfectly fine just like any other day. My parents left for work and I was left to take care of my little sister. Normally my mom would be home by ten fifteen, but this time she wasn 't home when she was supposed to be. I was so used to my mom calling if she was going to be late,but i received no call. I decided to call her myself but there was no response . My …show more content…

So from traditions through hard times my family has always pushed to achieve my goals. Whether it 's to save a certain amount of money to doing better in school they have always pushed me. I remember struggling really hard in the fifth grade with math and science. This year was when I got to be in a class with my teacher being pregnant. She was only there for a few months and then leaving for maternity leave. This was the school year that I had two long term substitute teachers. While the first sub was there I was doing fine, but that soon changed when our next sub came in. The sub was moving extremely fast with all the math and science work that I couldn 't keep up. It was pretty hard to do a lesson in two days and then have quiz after quiz after quiz. I quickly fell behind and couldn 't seem to catch up, I just found everything so hard. My parents soon notice and they sat me down and talked to me about how I was

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