Intercultural Identity Essay

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This world has been going through globalization for thousands of years. Just as the current globalization happening so as to the number of people migrating every year. Each year millions of people migrated from their country and relocate in a new place aside from their home country. There are different kind of reasons people are migrated from one place to another. Apart from immigrants, workers, marriages, and many other migrating groups of people, students known as international students are taking their education abroad. These past years China has been developing in many different areas. Zheng Xiuqin, secretary of the China Scholarship Council says that, “The economic growth, stable political environment and international influence has…show more content…
After the migration, each individual of overseas students are maintaining one’s cultural identity. However adaptation to a new environment is necessary regardless of how long the duration of their migration. Meanwhile during the process many of them are challenged on so many different levels. Due to the different culture from one’s country, each individual encountered different challenges of unfamiliar situations. All of these processes influenced individuals’ cognitive process, behavior and influenced perception of how they interpret the world. Those who are successful in this process for the balance of acculturation and deculturation obtain on what is called as intercultural…show more content…
Data collecting method being used in this research is a qualitative research approach based on interviews. The interviews were done with a total of 10 foreigner students studying in Tianjin, China. In order for the interviewee to be comfortable, some of the interview was done in a quite environment. Aside from that due to their busy schedule, some of it was done through voice notes in WeChat (微信). Furthermore transcriptions of the interviews were made in order to get an easier analyzes for the discussion

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