Identity In Polite Lies

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“We apologize for the inconvenience you will no doubt experience in having to fill out the forms we are about to hand out.” The writer wrote this in the Polite Lies. The key theme of the text is identity. The words that I quote in the reading talked about the language in different country have different meaning. It is because of their culture and affects their identity. The writer thinks that the Japanese language is very strange to her like her motherland, Japan and her family. The writer migrated to American Midwest for a long time. She was unusual to go back to Japan. She came back to Japan and saw her family when her father death. Listening to the announcement in the plane made her felt disgusting that the announcement was to apologize of the flight late. She thinks that the people in Japan are hypocritical that they are not willing to tell the truth. Moreover, I do think that the Japanese language let her confused of who she is. As she migrated to live in America whose people speak in English. But now, she came back to Japan and heard the other language which made her perplexed her identity. “I was wondering if you could spare a week to come here. I know you are busy with school, but maybe you could make the time if it is not too inconvenient.” Her brother said. When she talked to her brother, she was unfamiliar to him …show more content…

The language we speak is presenting our own culture. It is because each country has their culture and language form. It may be similar to other country, but it still has characteristic. Granted that you are Hong Kong people, when you speak in English, the identity will change. It is because you may speak it when you need to change your role. You may also proud to yourself that English is better than speak in Chinese. These will change your willingness to speak which language and how you think you are. So, the identity would change by the language you

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