Identity In The Someday Jar By Allison Morgan

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William Shakespeare once said, “We know what we are, but not what we may be.” Shakespeare writes about identity and what it is. In The Someday Jar By Allison Morgan, Lanie, the main character, is revisited my an old memory, her someday jar. Her father gave her the jar and told her to put her goals in the jar then achieve them before she gets married. Three months before her wedding her fiance, Evan, finds her jar and gives to to her then sends her to pick up one of his colleges, Wes, from the airport. Lanie mistakenly thinks his plane has been delayed and goes to the bar to watch the football game. Lanie nearly dies by choking, but a mysterious man saves her. The next day she meets the man again. Evan has bought Lanie a house and has hired Wes to do the remodel. Wes was the man that saved her at the airport while she was drunk. Lanie seems to have a connection with Wes but she is engaged. She is also upset …show more content…

First, Lanie is unsure about who she has become, compared to who she was as a child. Lanie recalls all the amazing goals and dreams she had for herself as a young girl. Even her best friend, Kit, has said she has lost her crazy side. Second, Lanie also has a problem with Evan. He makes her feel as if she does not have her own identity, and that she must behave the way he wants her to. He coerces her into doing whatever he wants her to do. Lanie is furious when she realizes she has had no say in her own house: “I contributed nothing. No capital. No viewpoint. Not a single thing. I can’t help but feel a bit left out, second-class. Controlled” (Morgan 68). She did not even know Evan was looking at houses, until after he had bought it. He also has taken over all the wedding plans, but when Lanie decides she disagrees with him she keeps her opinion to herself. She just feels lucky to be engaged to such a wonderful man but he is using her. She has lost sight of who she is. Lanie is searching to find herself

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