Ideology In The Movie Dude, Where's My Car

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As defined by the Oxford Dictionary, ideology is “A system of ideas and ideals, especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.” In film, the main ideological topics represented are gender, class, race, and sexuality. Although Dude, Where’s my Car? has been reviewed as “Dude, your movie sucks” by The Austin Chronicle and having a “thin, laughless plot”, gender, race, class, and sexuality ideological ideas can be found scattered throughout it. Dude, Where’s my Car? has four main choices for race: White, Black, Asian, and Latino. Some of the main White characters are Jesse (Ashton Kutcher), Chester (Sean William Scott), Wanda (Jennifer Garner), and Wilma (Marla Sokoloff); Wanda’s twin. Jesse, along with Chester …show more content…

Have bit parts, but Mr. Pizzacoli, a black pizzeria owner, has the largest part of them. He is first shown once Jesse and Chester wake up. He knocks on the door and says, “I had 30 pizza that were supposed to be delivered last night that weren’t. I will prove that you two have been embezzling my pizza and ruin you,” in a grumpy tone. He is then later shown at the end of the movie where he yells what another character says in the same tone he uses before. Penny is another black character who is shown at an impound lot. She is the clerk and tells Jesse and Chester that she can’t give them their car. Then she goes in the back to talk to her supervisor while Jesse and Chester try and reach under the partition to get the information. Penny comes back to find Chester’s arm stuck and states, “My boss says I can give you the information, but I have to take a pinky.” Meanwhile she pulls out a switchblade and starts laughing maniacally. To be an Asian character, you must be a pushy salesperson. One of which is a tailor. The other is a drive-thru cashier that keeps saying, “And then?” after everything. Finally, all minorities represented, Blacks, Asians, and Latinos, are mostly shown as followers or lackies of white characters. For example, there is a group of alien women that are trying to get the Continuum Transfunctioner and they form a vee shape with five women. In the middle, you have a white woman. In the back-left, there is a black women. And in the middle of the right side, there is an Asian follower along with white women everywhere else. Even though minorities are almost always in the background, it’s quite intriguing that they are some of the only characters that have legitimate

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