Iditatod Is A Significant Event

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Iditarod essay

Have you ever wondered why the iditatod is a significant event ? Because I you wach the iditarod and think “i wonder why we have the iditarod or what is the story behind it or if it is significant . “ the iditarod is a a race in alaska were slaed dogs and humans try to get to a sertent spot wile the sled dogs pool a sled with the humans on . the iditarod is a signiftcan event because it is a tribute to alaskas historic and the role the sled dogs play , to preserve the historic iditorod trail, and it saves the sled dog culture and alaskand huskies . First the iditarod is a significant event because it is a tribout to alska history and the role the dogs play . The race pits man and against nature. It pits

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