If Jesus Was Sent Before The Fall Of Man Analysis

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What would have happened if Jesus was sent before The Fall of Man happened and helped Eve? This is a question often pondered by theologians and followers of Christ. In C.S. Lewis ' Perlelandra Lewis recreates this scene in a scenario told from the point of view of Dr. Elwin Ransom - a fictional Christian professor previously sent to Mars - also known as Malacandra - and is then sent to Venus - the planet of love known as Perelandra in Lewis ' book. Ransom is sent to stop an Unman possessing the body of former enemy Professor Edward Rolles Weston who tries to convince the planet 's first inhabitant to break away from God - known to her as Maleldil. Ransom eventually successfully defeats the Unman with help from Maleldil. The doctrine of…show more content…
Creations has a key role in the story, helping good triumph and keeping Perelandra free of evil. At one point in the story Maleldil puts everyone but Ransom asleep so that he can do his bidding. “ 'I have cast your Enemy into sleep,” said the Voice. 'He will not wake till morning '" (p 186). This shows Maleldil (The Voice) is fighting for Ransom so he can stop the presence of evil from corrupting the Perlelandran world. His very name proves his symbolic purpose. Jesus himself was declared a ransom and Maleldil says " 'It is not for nothing that you are named Ransom" (p 182) Lewis is outright saying that Elwin Ransom is playing the role of Jesus on Venus by telling us his purpose is in his name and that Creation is on his side. The doctrine of Creation also helps simply by sending Ransom. Randomly as Ransom is just living his life doing ordinary things - he is told that he 'll be sent to Perelandra but not why. When talking to his friend he simply says he is "being sent" (p 18) and with blind faith is sent to do Maleldil 's bidding. Creation is attempting to prevent the downfall of Perelandra and keeping their worldviews sinless. Ransom is sent because he says that "I’m a Christian" (p 109). God chooses a man who follows him to help save

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