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Before there was light, there was the Ignis tribe, and in this tribe was Solis and Luz. Solis was a God but of no creation. As Luz was just a woman. Solis was the God of nothing because his time to be the God of anything had not yet surfaced. In the Ignis tribe in order to become the God of an item in the universe you had to wait until your twentieth birthday week, but only for people who had been descendants of former Gods. On one’s twentieth birthday week one is then faced with four trials he or she must overcome. These trials are known as the trial of the elements. The first trial is the Trial of Fai, this trial tests one’s passion and faith. In this trial one is laid upon a raft as gasoline is traced around his or her figure. Once the tracing of gasoline is finished it is then set afire by the Fire God. …show more content…

On the second day of one’s birthday week one continues to the second trial. The second trial is the Trial of Noa, this trial tests stability under pressure. In this trial one is placed into a boat and pushed to center of the sea. When one reaches the center of the sea the Sea God will raise the water into a tsunami and one has to stop it by communicating to the water. On the third day of one’s birthday week one faces the third trial. The third trial is the Trial of Akad, this trial tests intellect and mental

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