Illegal Immigration Repatriation Essay

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“The number of illegal immigrants is rising every year, with an estimated 11.5-12 million illegal immigrants living in the US alone” ("This House would repatriate all illegal immigrants."). These increasing numbers pose numerous threats to safety and the labor market in the United States. Even though opposers claim the repatriation of illegal immigrants in the United States is immoral, repatriation should occur because there needs to be a tough stance to prevent migration and it is facilitated by criminal networks. This topic has been relevant throughout history as seen in the 1920s. The same debate whether illegal immigration was justifiable or not was occurrent in society. Illegal immigration is defined as a foreigner who enters the U.S. …show more content…

This tragic event led to thousands of American deaths that was linked to illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants do not contribute to the state and do not fulfill legal requirements ("This House would repatriate all illegal immigrants."). This needs to be stopped by a policy of repatriation to not only act to prevent reduce immigrants currently, but also as a deterrence to prevent more illegal immigrants Clearly, repatriation should be allowed to enforce the law and help secure the US and protect it from possible harm. Repatriation of illegal immigrants should definitely happen as it is a direct solution to the problem of immigrants and all of the other issues that can come with them such as criminal activity. Most importantly, repatriation will not only protect the United States, but it’s citizens.
It will reduce criminal networks and have quicker results than alternatives so that number of immigrants will be effectively reduced. Therefore, in the best interests of the United States citizens, illegal immigration should be repatriated, due to the negative impacts illegal immigrants

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