The Role Of Modernization In America

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America as we know it today is a country ever changing, growing and adapting. It is still in its youth and is still finding its identity. This means that you can find some major differences within the country itself. If you compare the life of a New Yorker, to that of a Native American living in a small reservoir in Utah, you are sure to encounter some big differences. We can easily see how some parts of America are the epiphany of modernization, with skyscrapers everlasting, concrete jungles and neon colours. While other parts again is almost nothing but wilderness, trees, fields of golden hay, sprinkled with the occasional cow, but did America modernize all at once? To answer this question I will look at the modernization of the South, as opposed to the rest of the U.S.…show more content…
It can be understood as an historical process with many layers and stages. It involves political ideas, for example the shift from monarchy to democracy. Economical changes, such as the resurgence of factories. As well as environmental changes, like the building and settlements of cities as oppose to a more traditional farm life. Modernization also refers to a general institutionalization of society, as represented by schools, medical facilities and so forth
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