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We must be wary of impetigo, a highly contagious skin disease that can cause great discomfort or worse but is highly preventable. Impetigo are infected spots that appear as blisters or small bumps ranging from size. The skin underneath these blisters and small bumps is red and tender and oozes a clear liquid. When the blisters burst they form a honey crust color that spreads at the edges, which may itch. Impetigo can appear anywhere on your body but usually on exposed areas. Most likely it will appear on the face around the nose and mouth, neck, and will occasionally make an appearance on the arms and legs. If this contagious skin disease is more severe, a fever and swelling of the lymph glands in the face or neck may happen. Bullous impetigo …show more content…

These bacteria’s loiter everywhere. The bacteria causing impetigo can attack anyone especially people who have poor hygiene, diabetes, or who participate in skin-to-skin contact activities such as wrestling. Impetigo infection is common in children between the ages of two and six and appears in warm humid climates. Impetigo spreads easily in schools or crowded conditions. Broken skin or open sores are a great ways for bacteria to enter and form impetigo. Sharing the same clothes, towels, and bedding are ways to share bacteria’s and contract …show more content…

With it being important to not scrub the area while washing it because of further irritation to the skin. After washing, the skin should be patted dry and have an antibacterial or over the counter ointment from the opinion of your doctor. If many scabs appear on the skin they can soak this area to help remove some of the scabbing and promote healing. Any moist yellow scabs can be cleansed with a hydrogen peroxide diluted water. Washing the hands thoroughly after touching the areas of the skin affected by impetigo should be taken into

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