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Presently, health care practices are mainly based on evidence that is created through research. It is also clear that some sources are not as good as others. Using distinct knowledges and research, evidence-based practices are developed. With the PICOT question already identified, this paper will proceed to the research part. Hand hygiene is said to be the most operative answer to avoiding the development hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Notwithstanding this, a slow hand washing compliance rate among medical practitioners still exists. Fewer than 40 percent of health care workers are stated to exercise regular hand washing. Another factor is the lack of lack of sinks, in easily reachable areas dryness and irritation, or shortage of supplies all gives rise to the low compliance rates …show more content…

Can an increased hand washing practices by health care provides reduce the rate of catheter associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI)?
3. Between hand washing and the use of alcohol which is a more potent way to prevent hospital acquired infections.
4. Which is better? Hand washing or isolation of the sick persons with infections in the prevention of hospital acquired infections.
5. Does the use of hand washing, and antisepsis lower the rate of hospital acquired infections?
The fifth PICOT question is selected because of the reported low compliance percentage among medical caregivers. The results might gain more meaning if they could be strengthened more by increased actions to establish the importance of hand hygiene among care givers (Fox, et al., 2015). This condition is made extra appealing because the existence of the untoward events such as HAIs decreases the reimbursement by health care facilities based on the rules by CMS to decrease the frequency of adverse incident in care delivery.

My PICOT Question
For this project portfolio, the PICOT question of interest will be, if the use of hand washing, and antisepsis lower the rate of hospital acquired

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