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A vital part of the nursing profession is nursing research. Clinical questions for specific patient problems are identified so that healthcare providers can find clinically relevant information using Internet search engines and databases (Higgins & Green, 2009). The main principle of nursing research is to produce new knowledge. The primary function of evidence based practice is to make evaluations about patient care built around the most current and best evidence that was collected by a systematic problem solving method. This paper will discuss hypothyroidism in pregnant women, and the risk fact of miscarriage during the first trimester of pregnancy. Also included in this paper will be discussions of published reports of research related to the topic of hypothyroidism and how it can be used to change or modify nursing practice. Clinical Question A very important part of the nursing practice is being …show more content…

Using the PICOT format is very helpful when defining a clinical problem or concern and in generating a clinical question. The PICOT is helpful because it develops an in depth question that will answer a clinical problem. The PICOT format is a useful method for summarizing research questions. When evaluating research articles that answer the question discussed, PICOT is helpful because it narrows down to the actual population, patient or problem the research is looking for as well as the specific intervention and looks at the outcome. Using the PICOT format assists the nurse to define the different variables in the study. For example, the independent variable in this particular question is, pregnant women. Before a PICOT question can be formed a problem must be identified. PICOT format will guide the nurse to develop a question that can be answered using evidence based practice journal articles. Answering the PICOT question can ensure nursing practice to grow and develop with the

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