Nursing Intervention Program

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Aim of the Study: This study aims to assess the effect of an Intervention program about Health Care Waste Management for Nurses working in Maternal and Child Health Care Centers
At kalyubia Governorate on their knowledge and practice level, through
 Determining the knowledge level of nurses regarding health care waste management before and after implementing the intervention program.
 Assessing practice of nurses before and after implementing the intervention program.
Research Hypothesis:
The implementation of the intervention program will improve the nurse's knowledge and practice about waste management in MCH centers.
Material and Methods:
Research Design: A quasi-experimental design used in this study.
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The scoring system for the observation checklist consisted of giving a score of one for the step done correctly, while the step not done was scored zero. This score was converted by the researcher into a percent score.
Total practice scoring was for each category as the following: Adequate < 60.0% ____ 0-4 Inadequate ≥ 60.0% ____ 5-7
The practice was considered adequate if the percent score was 60% or more and inadequate if less than 60%
Field work :
1. An official letter clarifying the purpose of the study was obtained from the Faculty of Nursing to conduct the study and collect the necessary data.
2. The tools were revised for content validity by 5 juries who were experts in the related field, for clarity, relevance, comprehensiveness, and applicability.
3. Internal consistency reliability of all items of the two tools was assessed using coefficient alpha. It was 0.8 for self-administered knowledge questionnaire items while it was 0.9 for Observation Checklist …show more content…

Preparation for training program objective to promote and enforce nurses' knowledge and practice related to healthcare waste management through number of learning session included all information about healthcare waste management.
7. A time schedule suitable for nurses was developed to conduct the program that included; date, place, topic, time and duration of each session. Intervention program designed for this study has been implemented through 15 sessions. These sessions have lasted for 30 hours (10) hours of theory and 20 hours of practice). These sessions were conducted for each M.C.H separately all nurses for every M.C.H and a copy of the intervention program contents was given to each nurse. Nurses participated in the intervention program.
8. Implementation phase beginning by assess the staff nurses' knowledge of health care waste management before starting the intervention program topics include definition, sources, important, of waste, segregation of bio medical waste…. ect ,using the teaching strategies in the program were discussion, paper, data show, pen and paper, handouts. The teaching course included 2 parts: The first part was theoretical part which included 5 lectures, 2 hours for each. It was given within 11days. The second part was practical part; this part was implemented within 10 days for each MCH center covered Wash hand, antiseptic hand, personal protective devices like gloves, mask and segregation infectious procedures related to precautions and application

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