Importance Of Career In Nursing

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No matter where life takes us, there are always obstacles everywhere we turn. This is where motivation takes its course and leads us to the right path in reaching our true potential.
Coming from a student who was always on top of her school work in high school, I thought college was a place that set me up for failure. But I was wrong because this is a place where I can challenge myself and find that incentive in getting me past my struggles. Although there are many responsibilities to take care of, I am able to push myself simply because of one thing: motivation. As an aspired nurse practitioner, I plan to pursue my education through graduate school and eventually, serve my community as a healthcare professional.
My interest in nursing began
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I eventually found a job at the health services that suited my interest in being part of a healthcare setting. Currently, I work as a clerk receptionist at the University Health Services Manoa where my responsibilities include general clerical duties, health clearances for incoming students, checking in patients, and answering patient inquiries. Working at this facility has expanded my knowledge on dealing with health insurances, performing exceptional customer service, and learning about a variety of health…show more content…
One person had told that I will not be successful if I were to follow my path of becoming a nurse practitioner on top of obtaining a degree in public health. I was unable to comprehend or understand what he meant in that statement. I firmly believe that being educated in public health is an asset that will only supplement my degree in nursing and many other health care degrees. I will be able to develop, promote, and protect the health of not only individuals but entire populations and communities. After receiving negative statements such as, “both fields are completely different” and “having both will not help you get far in life”, I am more than ever determined to pursue my degree in nursing and public health. I will not only prove them wrong but also prove to myself that I have what it takes to get to where I want to be. Eventually, I would like to share my knowledge with others, further encourage, and instill the belief that discouragement can be turned into motivation and drive to
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