Importance Of Dogs In The Police

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In the police force, humans are not the only ones putting their lives on the line to protect the rights of average citizens. Another creature that helps police officers with their jobs is dogs. Dogs have been used by humans for police work for a very long time. To some people, it should be normal to use dogs in police work. To other people, using dogs in law enforcement is wrong in many ways. But through all the reasons that both sides state, it is safe to say that dogs should be continued to be used by the police. One reason that dogs should continue to be used in the police force is because they can fulfill many roles that a human is not able to, or would have a very hard time fulfilling. This can also be seen in dogs. Police officers also have roles that dogs are not able to fulfill, such as talking, …show more content…

But back to the dogs. Dogs are usually called up to assist law enforcement. Roles that dogs are called up to do are usually roles such as detaining suspects, pursuing suspects, either by scent or by sight. Other roles that they can fulfill is detecting illegal substances, such as drugs or bombs. The way the dog is able to detect bombs is because of the gunpowder in the gun. Dogs are also able to protect police officers, deter crime, and crowd control ( It wouldn’t be easy for a human police officer to have the responsibility to fulfill all of those jobs by himself. That is why it really helps to have a 4 legged companion by their side able to assist them at any time. Another reason that dogs should continue to be used in law enforcement is because the dogs possess qualities that police officers

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