Feminism In Beyoncé's Song 'Flawless'

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Beyoncé proclaims to the world that she is a modern day feminist in her song “Flawless”, which, according to her is: “the person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes” Her definition of a feminist is correct as women should be able to do whatever they want to do assuming that they want to do it, and that they can do it. Not all women want to do things such as join the workforce, compete athletically or go to war. Just because men have the right to do these things does not mean that it is a good right to have. Most believe that this is a misnomer of feminism, and is anti femininity because it encourages women to abandon their femininity and instead adopt masculinity by mimicking what men do. Females and males are supposed to behave in certain ways. There are things that are socially acceptable for men but not for women. This is one of the factors that differs a male from a female. Both genders aren’t supposed to communicate and behave in the same way. Feminism should be more about allowing women to apply for the same jobs as men, equal pay for both men and women, the right to vote, etc. These are the things Beyoncé stated in her lyrics. Behavior should not be important as females and males can behave however they want. It is not illegal for a female to behave like a male, or for …show more content…

A while ago, it was reported that the London radio station refused to play the lyrics to this song as it “Imitate(d) a scene of severe domestic violence, displaying promotion of domestic violence against women.” It was assumed that Beyoncé and Jay-Z would remove the lyrics from the song but they did not. Instead, Jay-Z sang it in front of 28.5 million, and Beyoncé, after sampling the speech “we should all be feminists” by Chimamanda, the woman who was featured In flawless, stood next to him and sang the lyrics with him. This caused a huge dispute on Beyoncé 's

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