Non-Equality In A Multicultural Society

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Every day articles inform people about wars and difficulties in other countries. The news sends people message that Europe is mixing and gives the impression that it’s not correct, that multicultural society isn’t acceptable, that everyone should live in their country where they are born and not go to other countries. This way of thinking, is this the education fault or how people are raised? Where does this society go? Is the harmony in our society even possible? How can we create those harmonious conditions for society? These questions are asked by million peoples every day. In last two months, multicultural society is part of my day. For me, it’s difficult to imagine harmonious multicultural society and especially it is hard to create one…show more content…
Why? Because non-equality leads to aggression which has inverse meaning from harmonious. It’s in people nature to compare himself with others. If he recognizes that others life is better than his he will try to reach that point too or even get more than others have. Non-Equality leads to many problems – stealing, depression, killing etc. People do many things in nowadays just to deal with it. Also, most of the people don’t understand that equality doesn’t mean how full is your wallet. It includes also sexuality, skin color, race, cultures. Non-equality in our society has gone too deep, so it’s hard to change this problem and makes it almost impossible to create conditions that will allow to smooth it out and make harmonious multicultural society. Seems like a big problem, but there’s bigger problem which is in…show more content…
Each of our society thinks differently at some point, but our society is provided with so much information in internet that people can’t handle that. There are so many opinions, that our thoughts about the situation are not our way of thinking anymore. And there are only some groups of people who think perfectly the same. Communities thoughts often clash and when it’s happening, there are arguments. Arguments often end well, but sometimes not. If not, it doesn’t lead to the harmonious society. Internet user number grows every day. More and more people use internet to contact with other people, to read the news, to watch videos etc. Our thoughts can be easily changed through these resources. Thoughts about arms, equality, how we need to deal with that, politics. Also, web is used as a weapon against humans. One bright example is ISIS. This terrorist group acquires new people through the internet, where they are impressing people with their ideas and asks to join their group, what they do. Time goes and people get obsessed with their idea of killing. In this sense, internet destroys conditions for harmonious society very

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