Importance Of Pronunciation In English

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Common Pronunciation Mistakes for Thai Learners of English It is glaringly obvious of the benefits of learning pronunciation as a second or foreign language. Improved pronunciation and speaking skills also help the student to comprehend language better. Moreover, listening offers another element of motivation to learn as improvement in listening skills with have positive ramifications in regards to speaking skills. However, especially in Thailand pronunciation is neglected even though it is a significant and necessary skill to have. Claimed by Lin, Fan and Chen (1995) very few teachers in few countries administer tests for pronunciation and speaking skills (Prommak, 2011).Thai learners face many difficulties with speaking English correctly, but it is not just students in Thailand, students from other countries also encounter the same kind of issues. For those students or Thais who do learn English or do try to acquire the English language, there are common problems with all forms of pronunciation. However, it appears that in Thailand, learners are encountering and experiencing the majority of difficulties with the correct pronunciation of consonants (Sumdangdej, 2007). Standard pronunciation mistakes that Thai students make include: /r/ ‘right’ when the /r/ is placed at the beginning of a word resulting in a possibility a Thai learner could pronounce /l/. /l/ - when the /l/ is at the end, Thais might utter a /w/
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