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ART FOR URBAN SCAPE Tapasya Mukkamala 1216511116 4/5 B.Arch Semester-VII Gitam School of Architecture Gitam University 1. ABSTRACT This report gives brief illustrations about the importance of urban/civic art in urban spaces. Art plays a role in building up the image of a city. Art installations at major nodes become a way finding tool of a city. Urban art also boosts the economic and tourism of a city. Perfect and contextual art which get recognized can help in attracting tourists from all around the world, the cloud gate, Chicago is one such installation that helped Chicago boost its tourism, and economy .Urban art becomes symbolic way to bridge social differences like the fevala paintings in brazil. It’s not just the current art works…show more content…
Examples of this can be found along the beach road stretch (from Rushikonda to port) Many art works have been installed along the stretch which relate to the social and cultural aspects of the city and its surrounding areas. There are few installations that have become prominent among the locals and the tourists. The above urban art installations depict the aquatic life, the geographical features, the culture and the heritage of the city Picture11. (a) This plaster of paris installation along the beach road depicts the tribal women of the arku valley performing their traditional dnace form . Picture11 (c, d) The above sculpture depicts the aquatic life of the waters of the Bay of Bengal, the rocks, huge waves and the mermaids together depict the great Bay of Bengal. (e, f) Visakhapatnam is also famous for its Buddhist heritage sites. One finds any art works installed along the beach which showcases the Buddhist culture in the city. The above are POP works depicting the Buddhist heritage. (b)The above sculpture of the Indian elephant is a prominent spot among the locals and tourists. It is now a popular hangout place for locals and

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