In Lessons Before Dying Film Analysis

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An unknown author once said “Stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone.” In Lessons Before Dying” will Jefferson change his way of life believing in god and allowing faith to guide him through his sins? In “making a murder” It is a mystery who did the crime but all we know is that Brandon confessed to the crime and is going to prison for a very long time. There are similarities and differences in the story and documentary. The similarities between Lessons Before Dying and Making Murder. Is they both have something to do with murders. Both of the victims don't have their real parents and are under foster care. Jefferson and Brandon both have a low IQ in common. Also Jefferson and Brandon do not believe in god which does not give them the right path to follow. What brings it all together is since Brandon and Jefferson grew up in a such a hard life growing up they don't know what is right from wrong anymore because they did not have their real parents there to guide them through everything.…show more content…
Is the race between Jefferson and Brandon which lets you know the genes of their real parents. Brandon did not have a job but was still a student and Jefferson had a physical labor job which tells you that he was a hard worker. What sums up these two in a differential perspective is they both are not fit live in the society today because they don't follow the rules. There are many similarities and differences in The Lesson Before Dying and Making Murders documentary. The sum of the similarities of The Lesson Before Dying and Making a murder is they both involve a murder that put Brandon and Jefferson in jail. The sum of the differences of the two stories is the race between Jefferson and Brandon. The impact the reader should get from this story is that the reader should get the full truth of the story before you accuse someone of a
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