Compare And Contrast In My Brother Sam Is Dead

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How can two different characters from two different stories have something in common? In this essay I am going to compare and contrast . I am going to comparing and contrasting My Brother Sam Is Dead written by James Lincoln with Colony Of Fear written by Lucy Bledsoe. In this essay to be discussing are Characters and Conflicts in the novels. To demonstrate, In My Brother Sam Is Dead, Tim is the main character. Tim wanted a life with his brother Sam telling stories in Yale. But Sam wants to go to Puttman’s Camp Ground but ,Sam went AWL and now General Puttman wants to take away Sam’s life. Tim already lost his father , he can't lose his brother . So, Tim went find Sam ,however it was to late because he was shot the second …show more content…

Another way, Samuel the was a Quaker h believed in freedom but, he read Thomas Paine’s Common Sense so now Samuel wants to find freedom from England. By the same token , another similarity between the two novels are in the conflicts in where protagonist are having character vs. self conflicts.In My Brother Sam is Dead , Tim is in a situation when his family is falling apart. Tim’s father died because of cholera, Sam is being charged for AWL and in prison , sadly, Sam is dead and now Tim is falling apart. In Colony Of Fear, Samuel is being accused of witchcraft because of a big speech about freedom of England because of the tyranny it had. On the contrary, the first difference between the novels are details of their life story. In My Brother Sam is Dead, Tim is living a life that his brother has gone AWL and now being hunted down by General Puttman for his brothers life as an example for being

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