In The House On Mango Street By Sandra Cisneros

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In the House on Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros portrays men as very abusive and harsh people to women. This conflict between gder and In the House on Mango Esperanza's society, men abused women and took advantage. Esperanza was a person that was always afraid of boys. She gets raped by a man who she does not know at a carnival."The one who robbed me by the arm. He would not let go. He said "I love you, Spanish girl, I love you, and pressed his sour mouth against mine. I could not do anything but cry."(Cisneros 100). The boy liked Esperanza and since she was a girl, he just came and raped her like it was ok. Next off, an older oriental man kissed Esperanza as if she did not care ."He said it was his birthday and would I please give him a Birthday …show more content…

Sally lived in an abusive relationship with her husband just to flee Mango Street for a better house and financial life."Except he won't let her look out the window. And he doesn't like her friends. So nobody gets to visit her unless he is working".(Cisneros 100). Sally was living in an abusive relationship with her husband because she is not financially independent. Since her husband is supporting her, Sally could not do anything to defend herself. Her husband is taking advantage of this because he is a man and he is financially independent. He would not let Sally do anything without his permission. Secondly, Tito and his friends stole Sally's keys until she kissed them."Sally went behind the blue pickup to kiss the boys and get her keys back".(Cisneros 97). Due to the fact that Tito and his friends had the upper hand, they took advantage of Sally. She didn't have the room to say no either because she needed the keys. Sally was at such a disadvantage because there were more boys on Tito's side and because she was light minded towards boys. Moreover, Tito's group was taking advantage of Sally falling into the trap. Finally, Sally gets abused by her father. He beats her up all of the time with his fist and belt."But who believes her. A girl that big, a girl who comes in with her pretty face all beaten and black cannot be falling off the stairs. He never hits me hard".(Cisneros 92). Since Sally was being a

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