Why Is The Indian Removal Act Enforced

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The image above shows one reason why the Indian removal act was enforced because of the phrase, "in God we trust". One big reason why the Indian removal act was enforced was Manifest Destiny. The settlers believed that this new land was given to them by God. Manifest destiny was the belief that God gave this new land to the Europeans. They felt responsibility to spread christianity all over this newfound land. This caused the Indian removal act to be enforced because the settlers though that their land was their land to take. They did not care about the people who lived in this land before them because now they had found it for themselves with the help of God. The image above shows one reason why the Indian removal act was enforced because of the trees …show more content…

The president during the enforcement of the Indian removal act, Andrew Jackson, thought that the indigenous people were less civilized and moral than the settlers, although many of the tribes had adapted to the European lifestyle. He did not believe that the more “civilized” people should live alongside the indigenous people. When congress passed the Indian removal act in 1830 that stated that it was legal to force indigenous people off of their land, he fully enforced it, pushing tribes west. When there was an auction of Cherokee land, he claimed he couldn 't do anything to stop it, but he didn 't truly want to. The indigenous people wanted to coexist in peace, as Red Jacket stated, “‘You have got our country but are not satisfied; you want to force your religion upon us…. Brothers … we only want to enjoy our own,’” but the settlers did not want that. Even after the Indian removal act had been declared unconstitutional by Congress, Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren did not enforce the law. This was a time in history when checks and balances was not

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