Marshall Influenza Case Study

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1. Why did Marshall’s presentation lead Patricia to think he had influenza and not a cold? Why is it important to medically evaluate and diagnose a potential influenza infection? What test could be performed to diagnose influenza? Influenza presents as a rapid onset of malaise, chills fever, sore throat, nonproductive cough. Common cold symptoms are a runny nose and eyes, nasal stuffiness. A less aggressive onset with the initial appearance of nasal sinus irritation and excessive nasal secretions. Flu contrasts from a common cold in that it usually has a sudden, acute onset of fever, fatigue, and aching pains in the body.It may also cause viral pneumonia. Similarly to the common cold, a mild case of influenza can be complicated by secondary …show more content…

Because they also encourage mucous secretions, macrophage activity on pneumococci is decreased while bacterial adhesion to the epithelium is increased. Pneumonia is a condition that aggravates the air sacs in one or both lungs. The air sacs may fill with fluid or pus causing cough with phlegm or pus, fever, chills, and difficulty breathing. Cyanosis occurs as a result of the decrease in gas exchange through the inflamed alveolar membrane and subsequent decline in hemoglobin saturation. One of the most common complications of the flu is a bacterial infection. Sporadically, this can become serious and progress into pneumonia. A bacterial infection can be treated by a round of antibiotics but can occasionally become life-threatening, particularly in the frail and elderly. However, because some bacterial infections can produce signs and symptoms similar to influenza, bacterial infections should be considered and appropriately treated, if suspected. In addition, bacterial co-infection can occur as a complication of influenza. 4. What are the treatment and management options for Marshall’s influenza? Discuss the course of the influenza illness and any complications which can

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