Essay On Influenza In The Early 20th Century

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The spread of Influenza in the early 20th century gave people a gloomy feel for that time. Some people thought that the Influenza infection was a sign from their gods so they let religion influence their choices while dealing with the infection. Other people were displeased by the fact that the government wasn’t taking the infection seriously and that people were receiving little to no care. Lastly there were doctors and volunteer nurses who were with people that had Influenza and didn’t get the infection. After looking at all of the documents, it’s obvious that their were some different views towards the spread of the Influenza infection. Documents 4,5, and 8, show that some people thought that their religion was the cause of the infection. In document 4 Hindu people believed that the infection was a visitation from one of their goddesses, and no treatment for the infection should be pursued. This document came from a British section of India, Madras. This means that the author might not be Hindu so we don’t know why the Hindu people were neglecting treatment. Document 5 states that some Christians believe that it was God who sent this pestilence for the good of the world, and that …show more content…

Document 3 states that if people were sick they were just turned to the streets because others did not want to get sick, and because of the lack of treatment. Document 6 expresses anger towards the Brazilian government for being ignorant about the spread of Influenza. Since it is an editorial it is based off of opinions so it 's not a good source. In document 9 the people blame their government for not properly guarding them from the infection. Something that would be helpful to understand the connection between these documents could be a government document concerning Influenza. This could help understand if the government actually tried to protect the people or

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