Flu Vaccination Impact

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Impacts of the Flu Vaccination

Do you get your yearly flu shot? Well you may want to after knowing that the flu kills more Americans than any other vaccine preventable disease. It’s a virus mostly caused by influenza A and B, but can be spread through people, animals, and objects. Ever since the invention of the flu vaccine, only 5-20% of Americans catch the flu every year, way less than before it was invented when 40 million people were dying from it. That’s why the flu vaccination is such an important biological discovery and has had a positive social and economic impact on America.

The flu was first discovered in 1918, when 20-40 million Americans died from it. This event was named the “Influenza Pandemic” and it affected millions …show more content…

They have also exemplified the Mid Pacific learner profile very well. They collaborated and positively impacted global peers, they embraced appropriate risks and opportunities to help solve novel problems, and they nurtured and sustained the environment and community in which they live. The two of them researched, experimented, analyzed, problem solved, and ended up fabricating a vaccine that positively impacted everyone around the globe. Before they started researching, the U.S Army Board hired Francis to work on the flu vaccine, which was an opportunity they embraced. They were in collaboration with the Army and they embraced the risk and opportunity of creating a flu vaccine, which ended up helping the world and solving the epidemic problem. Lastly, Salk and Francis nurtured and sustained the environment and community in which they live by doing everything for their neighbors and their country. Because of them, America became a better community and an easier place for people to nurture and sustain the environment. That is why Salk and Francis epitomize the Mid Pacific Learner …show more content…

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This article describes the economic effects of today’s flu cost and also a future epidemic. This helps with a deeper explanation on the influenza pandemic of 1918 and its effects.

Johnson, Carolyn Y. “The $5.8 Billion Argument for Getting Your Flu Shot.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 13 Oct. 2016, www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/10/13/the-5-8-billion-argument-for-getting-your-flu-shot/?utm_term=.ddb8f48bbe1c.
This article describes how important the flu vaccination is on our economy. This helps explain the importance and the economic effects of flu costs without vaccinations.

Paul, Kari. “Deadliest Most Expensive Flu Season.” MarketWatch, Market Watch, 2 Feb. 2018, www.marketwatch.com/story/this-is-how-much-this-years-flu-season-could-cost-you-2018-01-09.
This article explains how this year is predicted to be the most expensive flu season yet. This helps with more facts on past and future Flu

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