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Area 51 is a government research ground as well as a top-secret military base approximately one-hundred miles outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Although a lot about this area is not much of a secret, as of 2013 the only public access allowed is to Extraterrestrial Highway. Even on this highway the ground is surveyed with drones and ground sensors. No one can get close to Area 51 without the base being notified. Members of Area 51 use whatever force necessary to keep the public away from the secret grounds.
Facts are facts; this area is very dangerous in more ways than one. Once any given person reaches the edges of what is Area 51 whether by car or by foot they 're guaranteed to set off the sensors. These sensors include roadway bumps that send signals when a car drives over it, and motion detection sensors in the fields that when set off a light gleams from it to show the person that they set it off. These sensors notify the base of the existence of motion. If any unauthorized personnel have set off these sensors, they will deploy a drone to check it out. If the drone camera shows anything other than wildlife, a …show more content…

Everything about this aircraft including the sensors and hooks were internal in the aircraft, and the exterior was slick and devoid of seems or rivets to minimize the craft’s radar signature.’ ( However this aircraft was far ahead of its time and almost the perfect aircraft there was another craft lurking in the shadows called the SR-71 Blackbird. The SR-71 Blackbird was a moch 3, strategic, low profile spy plane that was developed after the Lockheed U-2 aircraft. ( At the time this craft was created this spy plane could take pin point photos far beyond the average altitude of any craft developed at the time, not only is that impressive this aircraft was also moving at moch 3 taking these highly detailed and accurate

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