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Do you want to learn about the big, hairy, nine foot tall man eating beast in the woods also known as Bigfoot? If your answer is yes, boy do I have a paper for you. Bigfoot sightings and the stories that go along with them, are a hoax.

Articles exist that say how easily people can make Bigfoot sightings. All you need at the least is a Ghillie suit. Ray Wallace, a resident of Montana, tried to create a Bigfoot hoax, by stepping out onto a highway on a Sunday night with a Ghillie suit on. He was later run …show more content…

He got multiple samples, but he specified his research on two of them. When he ran the DNA analysis, the found out that the hair that he had, “turned out to be related to an ancient polar bear”(Sykes). It was a 100% match with a polar bear, anywhere from 40,000, to 120,000 years ago.

Many people believe that Bigfoot is “a human hybrid”(Ketchum), which could be responsible for all the Bigfoot hoaxes. However, there is a higher probability of Bigfoot being just a prankster in a costume, such as a man in a costume. There is proof of a man stepping onto a highway, with a Ghillie suit on, who was later run over by multiple cars. Then again, people in suits, and costumes, are the major reasons for Bigfoot hoaxes.

At the end of the day, Bigfoot remains a baffling, unsolved mystery. Nevertheless, evidence exists of deaths of people in suits, trying to make a Bigfoot hoax. Men in suits, people with giant plaster feet, and people in suits, with stilts on, may all play a role in the mystery of Bigfoot. Cool Fun Facts: Bigfoot is said to be almost 11 feet tall. Bigfoot is the most famous unidentified creature whose existence has not been proven. It is impossible for Bigfoot to

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