Informative Essay On Sports Drinks

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Unexpected as it may be, sports drinks are one of the fastest growing beverage categories worldwide and are a multi-billion dollar industry (Black). “In the United States alone, the sales of sports drinks exceed $1.5 billion a year” (Skerrett). And yet, sports drinks are made up of just water, salts, and sugary additives. These salts are known as electrolytes, and are the key characteristic of sports drinks. Examples of electrolytes include sodium and potassium, which can be found in sweat (Smolin). As athletes sweat they lose these electrolytes that play an important role in the body’s functions; they prevent muscle cramping and help nerves transmit impulses, along with also transporting fluids across the body (Crane, Michelle). Due to the prominent part electrolytes have to play in the body, sports drinks are looked to commonly …show more content…

The original reason for producing sports drinks, after all, was to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat while working out. The Mayo Clinic states "Water is generally the best way to replace lost fluids. But if you're exercising for more than sixty minutes, use a sports drink.” Men’s Fitness’ Amy Levin-Epstein says sports drinks are the way to go for workouts that exceed an hour or shorter workouts at high intensities, and yet, this general public opinion on sports drinks is incorrect. Of the losses excreted through sweat, water is far more vital and necessary to replace than electrolytes. Unless one exercises for a period of time exceeding four hours, electrolyte losses won’t be high enough to affect health or performance and can instead be simply replaced through everyday meals (Smolin). Sports drinks aren’t required in order to have a proper workout, but if for those still searching to replace electrolytes or who are working out for extended periods of time, there are many other, healthier

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